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100-500kg/h Plastic Recycling Crusher Machine with Medium and High Production

We can customize non-standard size crusher machine to meet your requirement.
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PE PP PVC Waste Plastic Crushing Machine

Product description

  Haisi's plastic crushing machine is a high-speed operating machine. The materials entered from feed hopper to crushing chamber and crushed by utilizing the rotating impact of revolving force and simultaneous shearing of fixed force and moving force. Different grain sizes are available by changing sifting screen with holes in different sizes. It is designed to break up all kinds of soft and hard plastic, such as plastic film, plastic bottle, PVC pipe, rubber and other waste material.

Application of the crusher machine
Plastic raw material crushed into flakes.

Structure diagram of the claw knife and flat knife crusher 

Advantages of the plastic crusher

1)Simple structure, compact size, light self weight and less unit product power consumption; 
2)The front and back walls of crushing room use double-layer sound-proof with low noise;
3)Steady movement, small vibration, easy to operate; 
4)with strong cutting force, High productivity, big crushing ratio and uniform fragment size
5)Inlet hopper, crushing room and screening bucket is separed, and easy to load and unload;
6)Special design for crushing room, no material skip, large feed inlet and easy to charge;
7)After crushing , final scraps can be directly feeded into extruder.

Parameter of the 100-400kg/h crusher machine

Model Type Crushing dimension Power Knife:
(flat type)


(claw type)

Machine Size(MM) Weight



10HP JYSC-7510 380*250MM 7.5KW 3PCS/2PCS
1080*820*1330 600KG 100
10HP JYSC-7511 380*250MM 7.5KW
18PCS/2PCS 1080*820*1330 600KG 200
15HP JYSC-7515 500*280MM 11KW 6PCS/2PCS
1200*950*1450 830KG 200
15HP JYSC-7516 500*280MM 11KW
24PCS/2PCS 1200*950*1450 830KG 300
20HP JYSC-1520 510*350MM 15KW 6PCS/2PCS
1700*1350*1760 1100KG 300
20HP JYSC-1521 510*350MM 15KW
21PCS/2PCS 1700*1350*1760 1100KG 300
30HP JYSC-1530 630*350MM 22KW 6PCS/2PCS
1700*1480*1760 1300KG 300
30HP JYSC-1531 630*350MM 22KW
21PCS/2PCS 1700*1480*1760 1300KG 300
40HP JYSC-3050 710*480MM 30KW 6PCS/2PCS
2000*1600*2500 2800KG 400
40HP JYSC-3051 710*480MM 30KW
18PCS/2PCS 2000*1600*2500 2800KG 400
50HP JYSC-7575 810*560MM 40KW 6PCS/2PCS
2400*1750*2500 3300KG 500
50HP JYSC-7576 810*560MM 40KW
21PCS/4PCS 2400*1750*2500 3300KG 500

Package and delivery of the crusher machine


Crusher working video:



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