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  • we design a unique twin screw extruder for making Biodegradable plastic granules .


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  • Pigments are usually powdery and easy to fly when added and mixed. If it is inhaled carelessly during operation, it will affect the health of operators, so the colorant now seen is generally color masterbatch. Color masterbatch is a kind of colored granular material, which is widely used in injectio


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  • Plastic extrusion is a process in which plastic materials are transformed from solid to liquid and remade into finished products. First, the plastic particles are gravity fed from the hopper into the sheathed screw. When the screw rotates around its axis, it conveys, melts and pressurizes the plasti


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  • There are many different pvc compounds to choose from. A special composite should be able to provide a plastic compound to meet the needs of your product, whether it is ready-made or specially designed for you. A compositor should have technical experts who can work with you to provide solutions and


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  • Whether it is a one-hundred-yard-long tube or a thousand crazy straws, plastic extrusion is frequently used in today's plastics industry because it is readily available and easy to operate. The plastic extrusion machine with water ring process involves melting the plastic material, pressing it into


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  • PVC compounds are used for many things, it can be said that it is a thermoplastic, that is, when heated, it can change shape. This means you can turn it into all kinds of exciting things. It can be rigid or flexible, depending on its thickness and composition. Remember the plastic wrap you used to c


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  • Plastic extrusion is to extrude molten plastic through a mold into a shape with a fixed cross-section. It is an effective method to produce a variety of shapes and is essential in industrial and household product applications. Since plastics are melted from a solid form and then liquefied, only ther


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  • TPR is an injection resin, which is a kind of copolymer material or a physical mixture of plastic and rubber. TPR materials not only have certain physical properties of rubber and plastics, but also have thermoplastic and elastic properties. TPR pellet making extruder is very suitable for processing


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  • The formal definition of thermoplastic rubber or elastomer (TPE) is "a polymer mixture or compound that exhibits thermoplastic characteristics above its melting temperature, enabling it to be formed into products with tpe rubber granules extruder, and within its design temperature range, having an e


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