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New extruder machine product release, exhibition news, important company notice, machine test running event and knowledge sharing of materials, all latest news about Haisi Extrusion you can find here.


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  • 10-22 2019 +Read More
  • 08-15 2019 +Read More
    biodegradable plastic granules machine

    we design a unique twin screw extruder for making Biodegradable plastic granules .

  • 07-25 2019 +Read More
    The biodegradable starch granules extruder machine work successfully in America !

    The biodegradable starch granule extruder machine work successfully in America !Early of This year, Kairong machinery customized a new extruder machine special for making starch and glycerinum granules !The biodegradable plastic extruder machine output approx 100 kg/h. All biodegradable material ins

  • 06-04 2018 +Read More
    [ Notice ] FOLLOW US on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE

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  • 06-04 2018 +Read More
    [ Notice ] Download Haisi Product Catalogue Here!

    We have uploaded Haisi's product catalogue on the CERTIFICATION page. Customer can download the document free there.

  • 11-05 2019 +Read More
    1. Formulating Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Hot Melt Adhesives

    Formulating Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Hot Melt Adhesives

  • 10-28 2019 +Read More
    2019 New Design High Capacity HIgh torque Twin Screw Extruder

    2019 New Design High Capacity Twin Screw ExtruderModel: TSE-77DBarrel Diameter: φ77mmScrew Element: φ76.4mmDO/DI:1:1.828Groove Depth: 17.3mmScrew type: convey element; shearing element; kneading elementFeature: High capacity, high torque, high efficiency, high shearing, low inner heating.

  • 10-19 2019 +Read More
    High torque greabox for twin screw extruder

    The utility model relates to a high-torque gear box of a co-parallel twin-screw extruder, which has a box body, and the box body is provided with an input shaft, a transition shaft, an output A-axis and an output B-axis; the input shaft is provided with an input gear, and the output is provided. An

  • 10-18 2019 +Read More
    Pet bottle recycle granulation production line

    Pet bottle recyclid granulation production lineadvantage:High speed, high shear, high output, good exhaust effect, low energy consumption: high requirements for material size entering the screw, low magazine, low water content, high costApplication range of pet bottle granulation production line:The

  • 10-17 2019 +Read More
    What can be made by twin-screw extruder ?

    The types of materials that can be made by twin-screw granulators are:1) Glass fiber, the temperature is too low, the resin is semi-melted, and the glass fiber is poorly coated in the latter stage; the temperature is too high, the resin flow is increased, the tempering and shearing action is small,

  • 10-09 2019 +Read More
    pc abs pelletizing

    PC must be pre-dried before molding, the moisture content should be less than 0.02%, the processing of trace moisture at high temperature will produce white turbid color, silver wire and air bubbles, PC has considerable forced high elastic deformation ability at room temperature. The impact toughnes

  • 10-06 2019 +Read More
    formula for cleaning the pvc material in twin screw extruder

    formula for cleaning the Generally, it is a multi-additive stabilizer, stearic acid and paraffin. It is added in 1 time according to the normal production of small materials. 100kg PVC, stearic acid 1.5kg, paraffin wax 1.8kg, stabilizer 2KG



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