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  • 2023.05.08

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  • Coupling is an important connecting device between the main motor of the extruder and the gearbox. Currently, nylon rod couplings and safety couplings are commonly used on the market. Nylon rod couplings have a simple mechanical structure and low cost, but the torque is not accurate. They rely entirely on the shear force of the torque greater than that of the nylon rod. When the nylon rod is cut off, it needs to be reattached.


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  • Thermoplastic elastomer is an environmentally friendly low-carbon composite material that possesses the characteristics of rubber (high elasticity, compression permanent deformation, etc.), as well as the processing characteristics of plastic (simple process). In most regions, the abbreviation TPE is commonly used to refer to thermoplastic elastomers. Another theory is that TPE is the general term for thermoplastic elastomers, TPU is thermoplastic polyurethane, TPV vulcanized thermoplastic elastomers, and TPR is generally considered as shoe sole material in China.


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  • 1 Overview of modified plastics for vehicles; 2 Automotive use and modification of PP; 3 Automotive use and modification of PA; 4 Automotive use and modification of ABS; 5 Vehicle use and modification of other plastics; 6 Conclusion


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  • The main components of automobile lights are composed of reflectors, lenses, casings, light sources, electronic circuits, and installation accessories. With the development trend of lightweight automobiles, the proportion of plastics in automobiles is getting higher and higher.


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  • With the development of industries such as automobiles, machinery, electronics, and aerospace, the requirements for material properties are becoming increasingly high. Developing high-performance and multifunctional modified nylon (PA) special materials has become a major research and development topic.


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  • Five common problems and solutions in plastic granulation 01 Black Dots 02 Broken Bar 03 Hollow 04 Material Overflow 05 Bridge Construction


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  • Loss-in-weight feeders are used to continuously measure the volume and weight of bulk solid feed materials, such as powders, granules, liquids, flakes and fibers. Haisi Extrusion supply loss-in-weight feeding equipment specially designed for screw extruders.


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  • In the daily production of twin-screw extruders, the gearbox needs to perform necessary maintenance work.


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