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  • 06-03 2020 +Read More
    HSPP 800mm 1200mm meltblown fabric cloth production line

    we provide new machine for meltblown production line

  • 11-27 2019 +Read More
    video for two stage extruder

    Two stage extruder for pvc compounding , high filler masterbatch , and pelletizing after recycling .

  • 10-22 2019 +Read More
  • 08-15 2019 +Read More
    biodegradable plastic granules machine

    we design a unique twin screw extruder for making Biodegradable plastic granules .

  • 07-25 2019 +Read More
    The biodegradable starch granules extruder machine work successfully in America !

    The biodegradable starch granule extruder machine work successfully in America !Early of This year, Kairong machinery customized a new extruder machine special for making starch and glycerinum granules !The biodegradable plastic extruder machine output approx 100 kg/h. All biodegradable material ins

  • 06-04 2018 +Read More
    [ Notice ] FOLLOW US on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE

    Subscribe Haisi extrusion on Youtube! Watch more machine video there!

  • 06-04 2018 +Read More
    [ Notice ] Download Haisi Product Catalogue Here!

    We have uploaded Haisi's product catalogue on the CERTIFICATION page. Customer can download the document free there.

  • 02-21 2020 +Read More
    Dog food extruder machine PET food production line

    Dog food extruder machine PET food production line

  • 02-13 2020 +Read More
    What are the processing methods of black masterbatch

    In terms of dyeing plastic products, black masterbatch only needs 0.6% -0.8%, it will be extremely black, and it will not be even blacker if it is added more. According to test data, products used outdoors in Xinjiang need black masterbatch to prevent aging, as long as high-quality black masterbatch

  • 02-01 2020 +Read More
    main reasons that the twin-screw extruder affects the uniformity of the extrudate

    (1) Temperature. Temperature has a significant impact on the extrusion of plastics and the performance of the parison: it can reduce the melt viscosity, improve the melt flowability, reduce the power consumption of the extruder; it can appropriately increase the screw speed without affecting the mix

  • 12-24 2019 +Read More
    Advances in EVA Hot Melt Adhesives

    EVA resins normally used in hot melt adhesives have a vinyl acetate content less than 40%. However, a new product line, Levamelt, from Bayer provides vinyl acetate contents in the 40-80% range. This polymer backbone consists of fully saturated methylene units with acetate groups attached. Thus it

  • 12-10 2019 +Read More
    Formulation of EVA Hot Melt System

    The semicrystalline polymers generally exhibit a greater temperature range for application and a higher modulus at elevated temperatures as was shown in Figure 2. This is due to the pseudo-crosslinking characteristics of hydrogen bonding. Amorphous polymers would require significant molecular weig

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