Haisi Twin Screw Extruder Series

Nanjing Haisi Extrusion Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plastic twin screw extruder, with more than 15 years experience. We supply TSE Series co-rotating twin screw extruder, TSH Series high torque twin screw extruder and Laboratory scale twin screw extruder pelletizer. Twin screw extruder machine are widely used in plastic compounding and modification, color masterbatch making, filler masterbatch making as well as plastic recycling. Our TSE/TSH series extruder are built as per the concept of durability, high efficiency and economical power consumption. And we also have substantial experience in R&D, technique and after sales service.

Twin Screw Extruder Projects

Haisi Extrusion is well experienced in filler masterbatch making. Here is our TSE-75B twin screw extruder for PE filler masterbatch project. 
Unlike conventional extrusion in a water bath, strands in the air cooling strand pelletizing line are deposited directly on the conveyor belt and automatically conveyed to the strand pelletizer.
Laboratory twin screw extruder is specially designed for the trial-level or entry-level user, or the small scale production of color masterbatch and some additive masterbatch. 
Modular design makes it very flexible against different recipes. Here is our TSE-20 water strand extruder pelletizer for PC/ABS compounding.
With the underwater pelletizer, granules come out from die head and flow into water directly, so there will be almost no waste during the manufacturing process, which increases the production capacity and makes the granules shaped good. 
Here is our TSE-52 twin screw extruder for PP compound with talc or glass fibers.

Twin Screw Extruder Process

 The twin screw extruder are designed by suing the "toy bricks" principle, the screw configuration, L/D or mode of feeding, screen changing and way of granulating can be optimally adjusted according to different materials properties and requirements.

We provides various modes of pelletizing, such as water-cooling strand, air-cooling pelletizing, water-ring pelletizing, under water pelletizing, etc.

Water strand pelletizer is the most commonly used and economic method for most polymer compounding.

Air cooling pelletizer is mainly used for materials that are likely to absorb water, or are not easily dewatered or dried.

Water ring pelletizer have a shorter residence time in the water, and no additional drying is required.

Underwater pelletizer increases the product capacity and makes the final granules good shape.

Twin Screw Extruder Service

Before sale-twin screw extruder support

Introduce products in detail
Recommend suitable twin screw extruder solution
Offer test

During manufacturing-twin screw extruder service

Provide layout and engineering conditions
Offer screw plan and related documents
Inform the project processing status
Insure the product designed in accordance with technical document

After sale-twin screw extruder maintenance

Provide installation, commissioning and training
Offer spare parts
Provide necessary technical support and update information

Twin Screw Extruder Resource

Download Nanjing Haisi Extrusion Equipment Co., Ltd. latest product catalogue and twin screw extruder manual here.
Also machine test running video for your reference.
Name Introduction Size Downloads Update Category Thumbnail Copy Link Download
Haisi Extruder 2016 Catalogue.pdf 26.43MB 523 2017-05-17 Catalogue download Copy Link Download
SGS Certification.pdf 1.36MB 167 2017-05-13 Certication download Copy Link Download
CE certification 2016.pdf 1.59MB 181 2017-05-13 Certication download Copy Link Download
TUV Supplier Certification.pdf 1.54MB 149 2017-05-13 Certication download Copy Link Download
UL Factory Certification.jpg 728KB 154 2017-05-13 Certication download Copy Link Download

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