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Application of Plastic Wood Composite Material

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Application of Plastic Wood Composite Material

Plastic-wood composites can be used in most areas of wood processing. They are the best environmental-friendly materials to replace wood at present, among which the most widely used are plastic wood building products, garden landscape and so on.


Outdoor-outdoor floor, flat tunnel, pool edge, open porch

Box board-flower box, tree pool, fence, garbage can

Decorative board-exterior wall decorative board, sunshade, shutter

Bench bar-bench, chair bar, back bar, leisure table

Sign board - denoter, indicator, publicity column

Structural material-column, crossbeam, keel

Hydrophilic paving board-wharf deck, water passage, near-water building

Profiles-trestle track, bridge board, handrail, guardrail, fence, partition, lining gear.


Interior-floor, wallboard, ceiling

Decorative lines-all kinds of corner lines, edge strips, inlays, decorative strips

Other places-flower shelf corridors, outdoor pavilions, open-air platforms, bathroom panels, door and window frames, sound absorption panels, roof...


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