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Application of modified Plastics in Energy vehicles and charging facilities

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Application of modified Plastics in Energy vehicles and charging facilities

The new energy automobile represents the development direction of the automobile industry in the world. Speeding up the industrialization of the new energy automobile is not only conducive to technological progress, energy saving and emission reduction, but also can promote the sustainable development of the automobile industry.


Application of modified Plastics in charging facilities

As an important part of advanced polymer materials, modified plastic materials have been widely used in home appliances, automobiles, electronic and electrical fields. Aiming at charging facilities industry and some leading enterprises of modified plastics industry, the application of polymer materials in charging piles has been fully studied, and the ability to provide the overall solution of polymer materials for charging piles.


According to the relevant technical standards of charging facilities, and referring to the requirements of other similar application fields, the specific performance requirements of materials are transformed into the corresponding properties of different materials. The solution of modified plastic material can be provided for different parts of charging pile.


Application of modified Plastics in charging pile shell

As an external protective component of charging pile, the shell of charging pile not only needs to meet the protection requirements of transportation, installation and use, but also must be suitable for complex working conditions, and the materials used need certain mechanical strength. Electrical insulation and flame-retardant requirements, as well as excellent weather resistance, low temperature impact, corrosion resistance and processing performance. Halogen-free flame retardant PC materials or halogen free flame retardant PC alloy materials, such as halogen free flame retardant PCR / ASAPC / PBT materials, are recommended, including the use of a combination of spraying free technology, Can be made into different appearance colors, not satisfied The individualized requirement of the same use occasion.


Application of modified Plastics in Charging gun and connection system

The utility model comprises a charging gun housing and a connecting head. Charging gun shell, in addition to the need for flame retardancy, electrical insulation, weathering performance, but also have good rigidity and toughness, to avoid the damage caused by drop and rolling of the vehicle, at the same time take into account the good appearance. Halogen-free flame retardant and weatherproof PC and its alloy materials are recommended. Charging connectors, including sockets and plugs, need excellent electrical insulation, flame retardancy, heat resistance, and excellent mechanical properties to meet the requirements of long life. Halogen free flame retardant reinforced nylon is recommended.


Application of modified Plastics in Internal control system component

Internal control system components include power modules, contactors, circuit breakers, cooling fans and so on. The halogen free flame retardant reinforced PA or PBT materials can be used according to the application of common power system and low voltage electrical equipment industry. Heat dissipation fans recommend flame retardant reinforced PBT or PPE materials widely used in IT industry.


Application of modified Plastics in Cable assembly

The cable used by charging pile mainly includes power cord and signal control wire. In the Technical Specification for Electric vehicle conduction charging system Cable issued by CQC, the structure, rated voltage, operating temperature of charging post cable are discussed. Allowable bending radius and durability are specified in detail. Polymer materials are mainly used in the inner and outer sheath of cable. Halogen free flame retardant TPEN TPU can be used in the inner sheath and PVC and halogen free flame retardant elastomer can be used in the outer sheath.


With the continuous promotion and application of new energy vehicles, the miniaturization and lightening of the charging facilities will be the future development direction. Some new high performance modified plastic materials, such as PPS, PPO, PEEK, and other elastomer materials, are likely to be applied in the charging facilities, which is new to the modified plastic. The application of energy vehicles has a very good role in promoting.


The global automobile industry ecology is reconstructing, many countries adjust the development strategy one after another, speed up the new energy automobile industry layout. It can be predicted that in the next few years, with the vigorous development of new energy vehicles, charging facilities will also enter a period of high-speed development, and the application of polymer materials in charging facilities will be gradually standardized. As a modified plastics industry, it is necessary to keep up with the development of new energy vehicles and charging facilities, to carry out technical reserves in materials ahead of time, and to vigorously develop new modified plastics materials suitable for charging facilities. Provide overall material solutions for charging facility equipment on a continuous basis.




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