Application of nylon material

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Application of nylon material

As nylon has a lot of special properties, It has been widely used in the automotive, electrical and electronic equipment, mechanical structure, sports equipment, texile and other aspects. However, with the acceleration of miniaturization of the car, high performance of electrical equipment and lightweight of machinery, the requirement for nylon becomes more and demanding. In particular, nylon as a structural material, its strength, heat resistance, cold resistance and others have been put forward a very high demand. The inherent shortcomings of nylon are also important factors that limit its application. Therefore, it is necessary to improve its performance by modifying to expand the application of nylon in a certain field. Mainly in the following aspects of modification.


► Improve the water absorption of nylon, improve the dimensional stability of products.
► Improve the flame resistance of nylon to meet the requirements of electronics, electrical and communications industries.
► Improve the mechanical strength of nylon to achieve the strength of the metal material to replace the metal.
► Improve the anti-low temperature performance of nylon and enhance its ability to resist environmental strain.
► Improve the wear resistance of nylon to meet the high wear-resistant requirements of the occasion.
► Improve the antistatic properties of nylon to meet the requirements of mines and their mechanical applications.
► Improve the heat resistance of nylon to adapt to high temperature conditions such as automotive engines.
► Reduce the cost of nylon and improve the competitiveness of the product.


Application of Modified Nylon in Electronic Appliance Market


Electronic connector

CTQ: high mobility, high toughness, high temperature, easy to shape

Common materials:

Terminal block: ordinary flame retardant PA6 / 66

PCI slot: PA66 + 30% GF V0

AGP slot: PA66 + 30% GF V0

ISA slot: PA66 + 30% GF V0

IDE slot: PA66 + 15% GF

DIMM slot: PA66 + 25% GF V0

I / OPort & PS / 2 slots: PA66 + 15% G


Coil skeleton

CTQ: high strength, high toughness, high temperature

Common materials:

Covers: PA66 + 30% GF HB, PA6 + 15% GF HB, PA66 + 30% GF V0, PA66 V0



Electrical switch

CTQ: high toughness, high CTI, arc resistant

Common materials:

Switch parts and junction boxes: PA6 / 66 + 15% GF V0

Switch: PA66 + 30% GF V0

No fuse switch: PA66 + 15% GF V0


Circuit Breaker Accessories MCB

CTQ: Low cost glowing wire

Common materials:

MCB panel: PA6 / PA66 + 30% GF V0

MCB Accessories: PA66 V0


Motor accessories

CTQ: high CTI value, high strength, high resistance to arc, high temperature

Common materials:

Motor inner frame: PA66 + 30% GF halogen free V0

Motor inner frame: PA66 + 30% GF V0

Motor rotor: PA66 + 30% GF V0

Motor fixed probe: PA66 + 25% GF V0


Application of Modified Nylon in Industrial / Daily Consumer Goods Market


Power tool housing

CTQ: low cost, high appearance, easy to shape

Common materials:

Power tool housing: PA6 + 30% GF HB

Mower shell: PA6 + 15% GF HB



CTQ: high strength, high toughness, dynamic balance

Common materials:

Gear: PA66 + 30% GF HB, PA66 + 45% GF HB


Small household electrical appliances accessories

CTQ: high strength, high toughness, high surface (appearance)

Common materials:

Straightener: PA66 + 30% GF V0

Hair dryer: Highlight PA66

Breadmaker cover: PA6 + 30% GF HB

Vacuum cleaner accessories: PA6 + 30% GF HB



Sports Equipment

CTQ: high toughness, low temperature resistance, low cost

Common materials:

Bicycle handle and accessories: super tough PA6

Fishing rod accessories: PA66 + 45% GF HB

Ice skates accessories: super tough PA66


Commodity structural parts

CTQ: high strength, high surface, high toughness

Common materials:

Spatula: food grade PA66 + 30% GF

Office Chair Chair: PA6 + 30% GF HB,

Drain duct: PA6 + 30% GF HB

Water meter housing: PA66 + 30% GF HB

Child Bicycle Bracket: PA66 + 25% GF HB

Medical Wheelchair Wheel: Toughened PA6 + Fiberglass

Baby carriages and children's toys with wheels: toughening PA6 + glass fiber


Industrial supplies structural parts

CTQ: high strength, high toughness, high and low temperature resistance

Common materials:

Water valve splitter: PA66 + 50% GF HB

High pressure water pump: PA66 + 60% GF HB

Valve: PA66 + 30% GF HB


Application of Modified Nylon Material in Engine Peripheral


Cooling fan

CTQ: good appearance, high rigidity, heat aging resistance, excellent dynamic balance

Common materials:

PA66 M25 + GF15 (currently more)

PA66 GF25

PA66 GF30


Engine cover

CTQ: good surface, low shrinkage, high creep resistance, heat resistance

Common materials:

PA6 M20 + GF10 HS, PA6 M30 HS, PA66 GF30

Water cooling system

CTQ: good surface, high strength, low shrinkage, anti-hydrolysis, heat aging

Common materials:

PA66 GF30 hydrolysis resistance, PA66 GF35 hydrolysis resistance



Inside and outside structural parts

Common materials:

PA66 GF15 / 30/45, PA6 GF15 / 30/45



Common materials:

PA6GF40 / 30/25


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