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Automobile polypropylene material enters a new stage (2)

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Automobile polypropylene material enters a new stage (2)

Glass fiber reinforced modified PP

Research and Application of Glass Fiber reinforced modified PP Materials, especially LGFPP Materials in Automobile parts (e.g. in front end modules, dashboard skeleton, door module,etc.) is one of the research hotspots for many years. 

LGFPP products refer to the three-dimensional structure of modified PP composites, which is reinforced by 10-25mm long glass fiber and formed by injection molding. 

Compared with ordinary 4~7mm short glass fiber reinforced polymer, 1025mm long glass fiber reinforced polymer has higher strength Stiffness, toughness, and dimensional stability, low warpage and other advantages. LGFPP material has better creep resistance than GFPP, and does not produce obvious creep even at 100 ℃. 

Compared with metal materials and thermosetting composites, the density of LG-FPP is lower, and the quality of the same parts can be reduced by 20% - 50%; 


LGFPP can provide greater design flexibility for designers, forming complex components, improving the capacity of integrated automotive parts and saving die costs (the cost of the general long glass fiber reinforced polymer injection mold is about 20% of the metal stamping die cost), reducing energy consumption (the production energy consumption of long glass fiber reinforced polymers is only 60%-80% of that of steel products,or 35%-50% of aluminum products), and simplifying the assembly process. 

The new product of glass fiber reinforced PP for automobile parts has the characteristics of high strength, low coefficient of thermal expansion, high temperature resistance, good flame retardancy, low floating fiber, low warpage, low shrinkage and so on.




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