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Automobile polypropylene material enters a new stage (4)

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Automobile polypropylene material enters a new stage (4)

Scratch resistant PP

Compared with engineering plastics, rubber modified PP, thermoplastic polyolefin and thermoplastic elastomer and other polyolefin materials have the advantages of recoverable, light weight and low cost, so they are more and more used in automobile and other fields. However, the scratch resistance of polyolefin materials is obviously poor, and this property is the key performance of the internal application parts such as dashboard, control table and door skin, and is also one of the important properties of the automotive external application parts and ATVs. 


Moreover, the polyolefin with improved surface performance can replace metal and engineering plastics well, and is also favorable for coloring. Therefore, it is very important to actively seek solutions to improve the scratch resistance of polyolefin materials. The scratch resistance of polyolefin can be improved by adding coating, inorganic minerals and some functional additives. For example the scraping resistant PP composites can be prepared by adding scratch resistant abrasives.


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