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Automobile polypropylene material enters a new stage

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Automobile polypropylene material enters a new stage

With the rapid development of automobile industry, all kinds of raw materials for automobile manufacturing are developing rapidly and updating. More and more automobile parts begin to use modified plastics instead of metal parts. Plastics have been used in automobile for nearly 50 years. At present, the use of modified plastics for automobile has become an important symbol to measure the level of automobile design and manufacture. The extensive application of plastic accessories promotes the weight loss and energy saving of the automobile and improves the artistic and comfort of the automobile.


PP has been widely used in automobile because of its low density, high performance-price ratio, excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance, rigidity, easy processing and recycling.It has become the largest amount of automotive plastics, the highest frequency of use, the fastest development of varieties. Recently, there is a tendency to unify automotive interior and outfitting materials into PP series materials. Because the development and production cycle of high performance base resin is long, the investment is huge and the technical requirement is high, it is necessary to modify the existing PP resin more widely, effectively, economically and practically.


Toughening and strengthening PP with Inorganic fillers and Elastomers

Toughening and strengthening PP with inorganic fillers and elastomers are mainly "three highs(High flow, high modulus and high impact)" PP resin, toughened elastomer such as EPDM and POE, composites of inorganic fillers such as talcum powder, calcium carbonat. It is mainly used in injection molding of automobile bumper, and the modified PP bumper has the advantages of low cost, light weight, easy to paint and recyclable. Modified PP filled with talcum powder has high rigidity, low thermal expansion coefficient and low shrinkage, and its chemical corrosion resistance is strong. Especially, PP filled with talc powder can effectively improve the impact property of PP and increase the modulus and thermal deformation temperature of the material.


Glass fiber reinforced modified PP

Foaming modified PP

Scratch resistant PP

Recovery and utilization of modified PP for automobile


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