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Black Masterbatch Production Introduction

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Black Masterbatch Production Introduction

Methods for making carbon black masterbatch

(What is the composition of carbon black masterbatch?)

Usually, there are three methods: by single screw extruder, by twin screw extruder and by kneader machine.

A. Single screw extruder: Premix the material by plastic mixer machine, and use single screw extruder water strand pelletizing system to make the black masterbatch. Usually the carbon black concentration is 18-20%. It is a kind of backward and eliminated technology. The environmental condition of the production site is very poor. Few  factories still use this method of processing.


B. Twin screw extruder: Premix the material by plastic mixer machine, and use water strand or water ring plletizing system with twin screw extruder to product black masterbatch. As the limited mixing capacity of the twin-screw extruder,  general carbon black concentration of masterbatch is 25-32%.


C. Kneader + twin screw extruder: Premix the material, then knead them in the kneader machine, and feed into the twin screw extruder, by water ring or underwater pelletizing system, in this way, the concentration of the black masterbatch can reach up to 40-45%.


Based on years of experience in extruder production, Haisi offers a better solution for manufacturing carbon black masterbatch: Kneader + twin screw extruder + single screw extruder. By using this production line, the carbon black concentration can be easily up to 45%.


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