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Car Panoramic Skylight: Polycarbonate's Next Demand Vent!

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Car Panoramic Skylight: Polycarbonate's Next Demand Vent!

In the past few decades, with the continuous upgrading of automobile shape and function, various advanced materials have been applied to new design and manufacture. Polycarbonate (PC) is one of them that can not be ignored.


When experts realize that high-speed crashes will still be possible with lightweight composite panels instead of high-strength metals, and that this phenomenon may be widespread, the use of plastic windows and columns to solve the blind spot problem becomes a better choice because pedestrian and vehicle crashes are usually due to visual blind area.


Polycarbonate is the only transparent product in the five engineering plastics. The demand of polycarbonate is growing rapidly, especially in the automobile market. At present, the panoramic skylight produced by polycarbonate (PC) is more and more favored by car buyers.

Sabic-IP pointed out that the use of polycarbonate (PC), can revolutionize the design and installation of windows and the mechanical system for opening windows, and that polycarbonate (PC) is lighter than glass, and that it will not hurt personnel in the event of a collision accident. Therefore, the prospect of its popularization and application is excellent.



High-heat-resistant polycarbonate can directly spray metal in vacuum when producing condenser and reflector parts. In vacuum spraying, the highest temperature is 200 ℃. At this time, the product surface does not bulge, do not appear foggy spots, do not peel. As a result of polycarbonate, the weight of the front lampshade is reduced by 0.5 ~ 1. 4kg. compared with the inorganic glass.


Compared with the equal volume glass material, the net weight of PC skylight is only 50% of its weight. In addition, although the density of PC is only 50% of glass, the impact resistance of the material is outstanding.


Although polycarbonate has excellent heat resistance, high rigidity, impact resistance, dimensional stability and good transmittance, it has poor UV resistance and chemical resistance, and easy to scratch. Therefore, it is necessary to add coating on the surface of polycarbonate (PC) to ensure excellent weathering and scratch resistance of windows.



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