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Characteristics of Fillers Required in Practical Application

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Characteristics of Fillers Required in Practical Application

Particle size and particle size distribution

Crystal structure

Oil absorption


Viscosity property

Rigidity and hardness

Electrical performance


The main results are as follows:

(1) the chemical stability and heat resistance of the products are high, and the original physical and mechanical properties of the plastic resin are not affected by the process temperature. After adding, the white phenomenon caused by bending and stretching is small.

(2) there is no chemical reaction when the product is mixed with other processing aids.

(3) the products are dispersed and mixed in the plastic resin without affecting the processing performance and wear less to the equipment.

(4) the oil absorption and plastic resin absorption of the products are small.

(5) the products do not contain impurities that promote the accelerated decomposition of resins.

(6) the product is insoluble in water, grease, all solvents, no moisture absorption, no crystalline water (except flame retardant), acid and alkali resistance.

(7) the filler powder has uniform appearance and uniform diameter.

(8)the products are cheap and have rich and stable sources. The quality fluctuation between different batch fillers should be small.


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