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Composition of Carbon Black Masterbatch

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Composition of Carbon Black Masterbatch

What is carbon black masterbatch?

1. Composition of black masterbatch:

A. Carbon black B. carbon black carrier C. carbon black wetting agent  D. carbon black dispersant  E. other processing aids.


2. Types of carbon black used in black masterbatch

In accordance with international classification, China has more than 30 varieties. Mainly divided into rubber and non-rubber two categories. In the rubber carbon black is mainly wear-resistant carbon black, can effectively improve the wear resistance of rubber tires; in non-rubber carbon black, only a few carbon black can really be used as black masterbatch.


3. What is carbon black carrier?

The carrier is a substance that carries carbon black. Generally, raw material of the carrier and the final plastic product are the same. This made the black masterbatch and plastic material blend better. For example, for polyethylene plastic products, the carrier of black masterbatch is polyethylene.

carbon black

4. Why does carbon black require wetting agents?

The specific gravity of Carbon black is about 2g / cm. Cause the carbon black particle size is small, the performance density is small, seemed fluffy and light. To smooth processing, carbon black has to be wet first.  Thi choice of wetting agent is critical.  In order to reduce the cost, a large number of companies using white oil or paraffin products, which will seriously affect the strength of processed products.


5. What are the dispersants for carbon black masterbatches?

Mainly divided into organic dispersant and inorganic dispersant two categories. High-grade black masterbatch using organic dispersant, mainly used for those products that needing higher environmental requirements, such as drip irrigation products. Low-grade black masterbatch using inorganic dispersant, commonly used calcium carbonate.


6. Does the black masterbatch need processing additives?

Of course. The smooth process requires the selection of correct antioxidants, internal lubricants, external lubricants, modifiers and antistatic agents.


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