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Definition and Application of Plastic Modification

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Definition and Application of Plastic Modification

What is plastic modification?

On the basis of general plastics and engineering Plastics, by physical, chemical, mechanical and other way, through filling, blending, reinforcement and other processing methods to improve the performance of plastics or increase the function of the plastic, such as flame-retardant, strength, impact resistance, toughness and other mechanical properties, so that the modified plastic can be used under special electricity, magnetism, light, heat and other environmental conditions.


Application of modification technology

From the production of raw resin to a variety of specifications of modificated plastic masterbatch, modification technology is widely used in almost all of the plastic raw materials and molding process.

such as plastic appearance, transparency, density, precision, processing, mechanical properties, chemical properties, electromagnetic properties, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, wear resistance, hardness, thermal properties, flame-retardant, barrier properties. In order to reduce the cost of plastic products, improve performance, increase function, plastic modification technology is indispensable.



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