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Design Examples of Inorganic Rigid Particles Toughening Formula

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Design Examples of Inorganic Rigid Particles Toughening Formula

PP/ calcium carbonate toughening system

The impact strength of PP (2401) was increased more than 10% with 20% 1250 mesh calcium carbonate activated by alkyl carboxylate coupling system.

For this system, if PP was treated with alkyl carboxylate as main coupling agent, and paraffin or EPDM as cocoupling agent, the impact strength of the composite will increase by more than 20% when the content of calcium carbonate reaches 30%.


PP/ kaolin toughening system

If the surface of kaolin is treated with a modified epoxy interfacial modifier, the impact strength of PP increases sharply with the increase of filling amount. And the notched impact strength of the composite is increased 20% than that of untreated kaolin.


Precipitation BaSO4

In order to make the precipitated BaSO4 better coated and dispersed in PP, it is necessary to use coupling agent and dispersant for surface treatment and pre-dispersion. After treatment, the impact strength can be increased by nearly 200% when 30% precipitated BaSO4 is added.



Nanometer filler refers to a class of fillers whose particle size is smaller than 100nm. The tensile strength and impact strength of the fillers vary in parabola with the increase of filler content. It began to increase with the increase of the amount of addition, and then decreased with the increase of the amount of addition after reaching a peak value.

The toughening modification of nano-fillers has an optimum addition amount, generally less than 10%, and the impact strength corresponding to the optimum addition amount will increase exponentially.


Alkali earth metal salt

When 40% alkali earth metal salt was added into PP, the impact strength reached the maximum, and the impact strength increased by 200%.




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