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Discussion on the Problems of Injection Molding Masterbatch

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Discussion on the Problems of Injection Molding Masterbatch

Masterbatch is a novel polymeric colorant with superior colorability. However, there will be some problems in the process of using masterbatch, let's look at the specific reasons and solutions:


Problem 1, under the sun, the product has a striped paint:

From the physical properties of plastic and plastic molding process two aspects:

Injection molding equipment temperature is not controlled, masterbatch into the mixing chamber can not be fully mixed with the resin;

Injection molding machine without a certain amount of back pressure, screw mixing effect is not good;

Masterbatch dispersion is not good or resin plasticization is not good.


Process can be adjusted as follows:

Increase the temperature of the mixing chamber that near the material exit.

Impose a certain back pressure on the injection molding machine.

If the above debugging is still not good, it may be masterbatch and resin dispersion or matching problems.


Masterbatch without serious color test, cause pigment too little or too much;

Inaccurate use of measurement;

Masterbatch and resin matching problems, which may be improper choice of masterbatch carrier;

Improper machine temperature, and masterbatch residence time in the machine is too long.

Processing procedures: First check whether the variety of resin matches masterbatch, the measurement is accurate, then adjust the machine temperature or speed.


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