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High torque greabox for twin screw extruder

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The utility model relates to a high-torque gear box of a co-parallel twin-screw extruder, which has a box body, and the box body is provided with an input shaft, a transition shaft, an output A-axis and an output B-axis; the input shaft is provided with an input gear, and the output is provided. An output gear and an intermediate gear are arranged on the A-axis, a first transition gear and a second transition gear are arranged on the transition shaft, an output gear is arranged on the output B-axis, the input gear meshes with the output gear, and the intermediate gear meshes with the first transition gear. The second transition gear meshes with the output gear; and the transition shaft has two, and the first transition gear and the second transition gear are disposed thereon. The B-axis transmission of the utility model adopts a power split type design, so that the torque transmitted by the B-axis is doubled, which can meet the requirements of the current twin-screw extruder for high torque, high speed and high reliability of the gear box; The gear has high bearing capacity; the box body is cast in the upper and lower boxes, and has good seismic performance and bearing performance.


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