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How to reduce the cost of plastic

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How to reduce the cost of plastic

1.Reduce the cost of plastic by filling 

Filling low cost fillers into the resin is one method to reduce the cost of plastic. Commonly used fillers are mainly natural minerals and industrial waste.Also, wood flour, fruit shell powder and other organic filler and waste heat solid plastic powder can also be the filler. Filler is a class of the most widely used and the largest comsumption of plastic additives.

The purpose of plastic filling, for thermoplastics, mainly to reduce costs; for thermosetting plastics is both to reduce costs and change the nature. In addition to reducing costs, filling can also improve the performance of some plastic products. Generally it can improve the rigidity, heat resistance(inorganic filler), dimensional stability, reduce the molding shrinkage and creep resistance; some can also improve the insultation, flame retardant, smoke and sound insulation.


Common filler (Natural mineral fillers)

a. CaCO3 filler

b. talc powder filler

c. wollastonite filler

d. kaolin filler

e. mica filler

f. diatomaceous earth filler


2. Reduce the cost of plastic by blending

Another method to reduce the plastic cost is blending low-cost resins or waste plastic in high-prices resins. Compared to filling fillers, blending costs may higher, but it has smaller impact of the plastic performance. Among all the resins, low price resin are PVC, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP and PS. Usually reducing the cost of plastic by blending above resins.

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