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Inorganic mineral fillers for plastics

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Inorganic mineral fillers for plastics

Plastic filling modification refers to the addition of non-metallic minerals, organic materials, metal powders and other fillers to pure resins to improve the properties of plastic resins, to achieve the required technical targets or to improve cost performance.


Definition of fillers

ASTM defines fillers as inert substances added to plastics to improve strength and properties, or to reduce costs. As a result, plastic fillers tend to choose non-metallic minerals.


Nonmetallic mineral fillers for plastics are generally considered to exist in nature and are artificially mined, and processed from nonmetallic mineral materials with the above defined properties and added to plastics are usually made into powders.


Basic properties of fillers

To maintain the stability of chemical properties and physical forms during the processing and use of plastics;

Improve some properties of the resin: improve rigidity, improve heat resistance, improve electrical insulation;

Improve weather resistance, increase dimensional stability;

Coloring force, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, flame retardancy;

Price moderate


Basic requirements for fillers

The chemical property is stable, the relative purity is high, the impurity content is low;

The color is white or light color as far as possible, do not contain iron and other easily heated yellow impurities;

No serious damage to the physical and chemical properties of plastic products;

Easy to disperse and mix, the granularity is appropriate;

The oil absorption value is relatively low, and has no great influence on the processing property.

There is a suitable crystal structure;

Lower Morse hardness;

There is a relatively low price compared with the resin.



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