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Introduction of PC/ABS Casing Material

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Introduction of PC/ABS Casing Material

Polycarbonate (PC)

It is a kind of thermo engineering plastic of large demand, wide use and superior comprehensive performance, with excellent toughness, excellent electrical insulation, wide range of use and stable product size. The high rigidity and large steric resistance of the PC molecule chain make PC have higher melt viscosity, thus causing processing difficult. The great residual stress that makes PC product easy to occur stress cracking, and sensitive to notches, and the poor solvent resistance and wear resistance, all limite the application of PC material.

Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-styrene plastic (ABS)

With excellent impact performance, good processing performance and chemical stability, easy to mold molding, good comprehensive performance. However, because of its poor heat resistance and weathering performance, poor mechanical properties and flammable...  it has been limited in application.

The PC/ABS alloy synthesizes the good properties of both, on the one hand, improve the processing performance of the PC, improve the product's stress cracking performance, reduce the product internal stress and impact strength of the product thickness sensitivity, on the other hand, improve the ABS heat resistance, weatherability and mechanical properties, and production costs between PC and ABS , so widely used in electrical appliances, automobiles, electronics, office equipment and other industries.

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