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Introduction of Polypropylene Foaming Materials

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Introduction of Polypropylene Foaming Materials

Foamed plastics are widely used in various fields of daily life and industry due to their low density, good impact load absorption, good insulation, sound insulation and high specific strength. At present, the three kinds of foam plastics are PS foam plastics, PU foam plastics and PE foam plastics. However, these foams are not satisfactory in terms of mechanical properties, thermal properties, environmental protection and economical. Compared with these foams, PP foams not only have excellent mechanical and thermal properties, but also have recoverable properties and excellent environmental performance, which has attracted attracted great interest from researchers, producers and consumers from all over the world.

Use performance

PP foamed products have good thermal stability, and their thermal deformation temperature is much higher than that of PE foaming materials. The highest use temperature of PP foamed products is 130 ℃, and the dimension stability of the products is good at high temperature. Moreover, the glass transition temperature of PP is lower than that of room temperature, which makes it have higher impact resistance than PS. Therefore, PP foamed material has excellent seismic energy absorption performance and high recovery rate after deformation. In addition, the chemical resistance and oil resistance of PP foams are comparable to those of PE foams, with high tensile strength, impact strength and toughness. These properties enable PP foaming materials to be widely used in packaging, automotive cushioning and insulation materials and other areas.

Environmental performance

The main component of foamed PP is thermoplastic resin PP, which can be recycled and reused, and because of the active α methyl hydrogen atom on the PP molecular chain, It is easy to produce molecular chain degradation reaction under illumination, so the photo-biodegradable materials can be prepared. In this way, white pollution will not be caused when used in disposable packaging materials, which greatly reduces the pressure on the environment. Therefore, foamed PP is the preferred material for the preparation of environmentally friendly foaming packaging products.

Cost of production

PP foamed materials can be produced by extrusion equipment and secondary molding equipment, and the investment in fixed assets is far lower than that of PS and PU foam plastics. The production process is also relatively simple. The total processing cost of foamed PP sheet is lower than that of other foamed materials.


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