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Introduction of the Characteristics of Plastic-wood Composite

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Introduction of the Characteristics of Plastic-wood Composite

Plastic wood composite material is a new type of environmental protection and energy saving material, which is produced by plastic wood extruder. Plastic wood has the properties of general wood and plastic. It is more environmentally friendly, recyclable, non-toxic and pollution-free than traditional wood.


Basic Properties of Plastics-Wood Composites

The wood performance advantages of plastic wood:

1. has the wood texture-compared with metal, stone, glass and other materials, plastic wood products have wood texture, in the visual sense of touch is very good.

2. Has good insulation-plastic wood products have poor electrical conductivity, is one of the better electrical insulation materials.

3. Has high strength-compared with some metals, the ratio of strength to weight of wood is higher and the strength of wood is higher.

4. Easy to decoration-natural wood grain, beautiful and full of ecological breath, is rare natural decorative materials.

5. Thermal insulation-plastic-wood material has the advantages of small heat-conducting coefficient, good heat-insulating property, and high energy-saving value.


The advantages of plastic wood over the performance of ordinary wood


1. Better processability - Because it contains fiber and plastic polymer materials, It can be saw, can be nailed, can be planed, etc. Nail grip is superior to other synthetic materials, generally 3 times as much as wood, 5 times as much as particleboard.

2. Stronger weatherability and better corrosion resistance

In the production process of plastic wood composites, anti-mold agents, weather-resistant aids, etc. are added, its durability is obviously better than the general wood.

3. Longer service life

Plastic wood materials are damp-proof, waterproof, acid-resistant, anticorrosive, and will not be eaten by insects. Therefore, the service life of plastic wood is much longer than that of ordinary wood under various conditions.

4. Environmentally friendly recyclability

Waste plastic wood sheet can be recycled and decomposed. And the production, using, recycling process is completely environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

5. Aesthetic individuation

Compared with the general wood, plastic wood material is paint-free, can imitate the texture of natural wood, and the color is extremely rich, to meet the individual pursuit of consumers.



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