Introduction to Hot Melt Adhesive

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As a new type of carton and carton packaging and sealing, hot melt adhesive sealing has partially replaced the traditional bundled packaging and tape packaging, and is used in the carton outer packaging of various foods and the carton outer packaging of wine, dairy and other products.

Advantages of Hot Melt Adhesive Sealing

Hot-melt adhesive sealing is to use a hot-melt machine to melt the hot-melt adhesive into a liquid, and then send it to the surface of the carton through the throat and spray gun of the hot-melt machine. After the hot-melt adhesive is cooled, the bonding is completed. It can meet the various requirements of carton sealing, and overcome the defects of the traditional carton sealing form.

Good quality packaging

Shipping cartons must be able to withstand temperature, humidity changes, and rough handling, which is more difficult to meet with tape because of its poor bond strength, low tensile strength, and poor adhesion to coated or oil-based cardboard.

The hot melt adhesive has a good bonding force with the wet material, and has a strong penetration force. It plays a physical and chemical bonding effect between the corrugated paper and the liner board. The overall strength of the bonded carton is enhanced, and the carton is not easy to deform and crack. In addition, the hot melt adhesive application system can apply glue to key parts of various shapes, such as: carton inner flaps.

Secondly, the self-adhesive tape has poor low temperature resistance. In the cold climate of the north, it is easy to open the glue; the hot melt adhesive has good low temperature resistance and can withstand low temperature of -40 °C. In addition, the storage period of hot melt adhesive is as long as 2 years, the storage area is small, and there are no special storage requirements; while the storage period of the tape is only half a year, and certain storage conditions are also required, otherwise it is easy to deteriorate.

Hot melt adhesive also provides a great anti-theft feature, as the adhesive penetrates into the corrugation any attempt to open the carton will tear the fibers. The tape can be cut with a knife, unknowingly taking the contents and resealing it again.

Beautiful appearance

Today, merchants require packaging to convey product and company image through packaging pattern design while delivering goods. Therefore, the fewer factors that hinder the appearance, the better. Tape often obstructs the image and interferes with the transmission of packaging information; while hot-melt glue is used to bond between the flaps, which can provide a larger display space.

Low cost

The sealing speed of hot melt adhesive is fast, and the whole bonding process can be completed in only 1 to 3 seconds. It is suitable for mass production, with low energy consumption and low cost. The sealing cost of standard corrugated box hot melt adhesive is about 32 yuan/1000 boxes, which is the middle price of hot melt adhesive, and the middle price of tape sealing is about 120 yuan/1000 boxes.

If hot melt adhesive is used, adding glue during processing will not cause downtime; while replacing the tape requires downtime. In addition, the clapboard may not be installed in the box, and the sealing strength of the box is greater than that of the clapboard when the box is sealed with tape, which can reduce the cost of the clapboard.

The choice of melt

The affinity of hot melt adhesive and different materials to be bonded is different. In order to make hot melt adhesive better play "stickiness", the following factors should be carefully considered when choosing hot melt adhesive.

COLOR. Due to the different colors of the adherends, the color requirements for hot melt adhesives should be different. If the adherend itself has no special requirements for color, it is recommended to use yellow hot melt adhesive. Generally speaking, yellow hot melt adhesive is more viscous than white.

ADHESIEVE SURFACE TREATMENT. The surface treatment of hot melt adhesive is not as strict as other adhesives, but the dust and oil on the surface of the adhered should also be properly treated, so that the hot melt adhesive can play a better role in bonding.

WORK TIME. Fast operation is a major feature of hot melt adhesives. The operation time of hot melt adhesive is generally about 15 seconds. With the wide application of modern production methods - assembly line, the operation time of hot melt adhesive is required to be shorter and shorter.

HEAT RESISTANT. Hot melt adhesives are sensitive to temperature. When the temperature reaches a certain level, the hot melt adhesive begins to soften; below a certain temperature, the hot melt adhesive will become brittle, so the choice of hot melt adhesive must fully consider the environmental temperature changes.

VISCOSITY. The viscosity of hot melt adhesive is divided into early viscosity and late viscosity. Only when the early viscosity and late viscosity are consistent, can the hot melt adhesive and the adherend remain stable. In the production process of hot melt adhesive, it should be ensured that it has oxidation resistance, halogen resistance, acid and alkali resistance and plasticity.

Furniture hot melt adhesive - used for wood, furniture lamination wood edge, PVC, melamine resin, etc. It is suitable for all kinds of linear edge banding machines, curved edge banding machines, soft forming edge banding machines, post-forming edge banding machines, etc.

Packaging hot melt adhesive - used for automatic carton, carton packaging production, food packaging, flexible packaging, medical packaging, bottle and can labels, etc.

Bookbinding hot melt adhesive - used for books, wireless binding, etc.

Hot melt adhesive for leather shoe shaping - used for shaping leather shoes, etc.

Plywood hot melt adhesive - used for wood floor production, plywood splicing, etc.

Pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives - used in the manufacture of feminine sanitary napkins.

Glue gun hot-melt glue - used for stick-shaped hot-melt glue guns, bonding various handicrafts, etc.

Heat-shrinkable sleeve hot-melt adhesive - used for the bonding of heat-shrinkable materials (PE, PP, PVA, PVC...) such as plastic heat-shrinkable sleeves for communication cables and petroleum sleeves.

Garment lining hot melt adhesive - used for the bonding of clothing collar lining, waist lining, etc.

Main features of hot melt glue machine:

1. The inner surface of the glue box is coated with Teflon to prevent carbonization, ensure the best state of the glue and reduce clogging.

2. The gear pump adopts frequency conversion speed regulation to precisely control the glue output.

3. The precision filter device removes impurities and prevents the nozzle from clogging.

4. The temperature adopts precise PID intelligent control.

5. The control system has high and low temperature protection function to prevent equipment damage.

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