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Main application of modified plastics in automobile dashboard

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Main application of modified plastics in automobile dashboard

The automobile dashboard is the important function piece and the decoration piece on the automobile. At present, the automobile dashboard is mainly made of ABS plastic / PC / ABS alloy and modified polypropylene.


Technical requirements of automobile dashboard


The automobile dashboard is one of the main interior parts on the automobile, which can withstand the load of various instruments, sound equipments and pipeline joints in strength, and can withstand the high temperature caused by the sunlight radiation from the front windshield and the heat dissipation of the engine. From a safety point of view, the dashboard is required to absorb shock energy, anti-dazzling and flammability.


Automobile dashboard material selection shall have the following characteristics:

A, have enough strength, rigidity, can withstand the load of instrument, pipeline and sundries, can resist certain impact;

B, has good dimensional stability, in the solar radiation and engine heat at high temperature, do not deform in long-term high temperature, do not fail, do not affect the accuracy of each instrument;

C, there is a proper decorative, elegant style, low reflectivity, give a quiet and comfortable feeling;

D, good durability, cold and heat shock resistance, light resistance, service life of more than 10 years;

E-, the main raw materials and auxiliary materials for the manufacture of dashboards shall not contain substances harmful to the human body;

F, do not allow the production of window glass to blur the volatile;

G, resistant to corrosion of gasoline, diesel and sweat.


The main components of modified polypropylene are polypropylene and mineral filler. Modified polypropylene (PP) resin is a kind of nonpolar crystalline plastics, which is polymerized by propylene monomer. PP has the advantages of low price, low density, easy to process and reuse, but PP has high molding shrinkage and low temperature brittleness. Be apt to age, etc. Therefore, physical or chemical modification technology is usually used to improve the comprehensive properties of polypropylene materials by adding additives such as talc filler, glass fiber, anti-photo-thermal aging agent and so on, in order to meet the performance requirements of automobile parts.




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