Mastering Five Tips for TPE Injection Molding

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TPE injection molding often encounters problems? TPE plastic products are ubiquitous in our daily lives, and plastic products are all molded through injection molding machines. However, during the injection molding process, TPE plastic products may encounter different problems if not paid attention to, which can cause unexpected losses. Today, let's share five tips for TPE injection molding. Come and collect them now!

1. Try to use low-temperature injection molding as much as possible

Because TPE injection molding uses low-temperature injection molding, it can reduce cooling time and improve production efficiency. On the premise of ensuring the quality of plasticization, try to reduce the extrusion temperature as much as possible, and use increasing injection pressure and screw speed to reduce the viscosity of the melt, achieving the goal of improving fluidity. When the surface of the material injected from the nozzle is smooth and comes with a bright light, it can be determined that the plasticization quality is good. If the material injected from the nozzle is very bright, it can be determined that the temperature of the barrel can still be lowered. Try to use low-temperature injection molding as much as possible.

2.TPE material must be dried before injection molding

Because TPE materials are kept dry before injection molding, it can effectively reduce the moisture inside the TPE raw materials. If there are bubbles on the surface of the injection molded strip, or if the strip is cut open and there are voids inside, or if scattered silver threads are found on the surface of the product, it can be determined that the TPE raw material contains too much water. Therefore, the TPE material must be kept dry before injection molding.

3. Keep the pressure as low as possible

Because the low pressure can effectively solve the problem of gate fracture during demolding. The general holding pressure is smaller than the injection pressure, and the holding time can be determined by weighing the product, based on the weight of the product no longer increasing, or based on the shrinkage mark accepted by the customer. If it is found that the gate is prone to breakage during demolding, try reducing the holding pressure.

4. Injection speed changes from slow to fast

Because the speed changes from slow to fast, the gas inside the mold is easily discharged. If there are gas bulges or dents inside the TPE injection molded product, this method can be used for adjustment.

5. Upper parabolic temperature setting

The specific temperature can be adjusted according to the specific physical properties of different TPE materials. The temperature in the middle zone of the screw is the highest, the feeding section is slightly lower, and the nozzle is slightly lower.

Injecting TPE materials requires strict control of temperature, pressure, injection speed, and other process parameters to ensure the production of high-quality finished products. Meanwhile, appropriate mold design and equipment maintenance are also key factors to ensure successful processing of TPE.


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