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Modified Nylon - New Material for Aerospace Technology

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Modified Nylon - New Material for Aerospace Technology

Modified nylon new material is an important material foundation for the development of space technology. The birth of a new generation of aerospace products is often built on the successful development of a large number of advanced new materials, also can lead to the rapid start and application of many new materials projects.


Modified nylon material is an important supporting material for aerospace industry, including rubber, engineering plastics, adhesives and sealants.


Description of Nylon Products:

Outstanding wear resistance, its friction coefficient is usually 0.1-0.3 as Bakelite cloth 1/4, the BA-alloy 1/3 is an excellent self-lubricating material with good mechanical properties.

Nylon products with large hardness, and has a high tensile strength, bending resistance, impact intensity and elongation, its compressive strength is metal-like, its fatigue strength can be the same level of cast iron and aluminum alloy.

Stable chemical stability. It is not affected by the chemical, whether it is weak base, alcohol fat, hydrocarbon, grease.

Light weight, with good toughness, wear resistance, anti-oil, seismic and other characteristics, applicable to the production of wear-resistant parts, transmission structure parts, household appliances parts, automotive manufacturing parts, prevent mechanical parts, chemical equipment, electrical insulation parts, such as turbines, gears, bearings, impeller, blades, screw, high pressure washers, seals, nuts, screws, shuttle, sleeve, sleeve connectors and so on.


The world's major aerospace companies and aircraft manufacturers are looking for composite materials that is reliable, adaptable, easy to process, have a strong resistance to destructive accidents. Modified Nylon, as the first thermoplastic material to be applied in aerospace, has become an indispensable part of aerospace materials.


Modified Nylon has a strong ability to resist radiation, can be used as coating materials for aircraft, satellites and other special materials; Its excellent mechanical properties can be made of aircraft heat-resistant connectors; carbon fiber and fiberglass reinforced composites with PEKK matrix can be used in aircraft and spacecraft cabin, door handle, joystick and helicopter tail fin. Its excellent flame retardancy, which burning less smoke and the release of less toxic gases, are often used to make the aircraft's internal parts, but also used to make the rocket's battery slots, bolts, nuts and rocket engine internal parts.

Other applications of nylon materail


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