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PP/PE/PET Waste Plastic Film/Flakes Recycling Line

  • TSE/TSH series
  • HS
  • 150mm
  • 20-32
  • 55-75KW
  • 200~300kg/hr
This granulator machine is mainly used to make pellets from waste plastics, like PP, PE films, agricultural films, LDPE stretch films, LLDPE films, PP woven bags, shopping bags, and other soft PP,PE plastics.
Processing capacity is from 100kg/h to 500kg/h.

This granulating line is mainly consists of:
1.Belt conveyor:  feed the clean films or bags into the cutting compactor
2.Metal detector:check whether there is metal in the films or bags, protect the blades of cutting compact and screws
3.Cutting compactor:cut the materials again and make materials shrink, then force feed the shrunk material into the extruder. For the same capacity, the power consumption is only 50% of the agglomerator.
4.Single screw extruder: for plasticizing the materials and exhausting the gas, it is made of 38CrMoAlA generally.
5.hydraulic screen changer: filter the impurities, improve the granules quality
6.Water ring Pelletizer: includes mould and pelleting blades, we can provide both vertical type and horizontal type.
7.Water cooling tank: use circular water for cooling the granules immediately after pelleting cut.
8.Vibration screen:to filter out non-standard pellets and get even uniform quality pellets.

Technical data

 Mode Diameter L/D N(r/min) Power(kw) T(N.m) Q(Kg/h)
TSE-40B 41 mm 32-52 600 30 239 90-150
TSE-65A 62.4 mm 32-52 500 75 716 180-270
TSE-75D 71 mm 32-64 600 200-150 1990 500-1000
TSE-95B 93 mm 32-64 600 315 2506 1500-2250

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