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PVC Blending Modification

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PVC Blending Modification

PVC resin is a polar amorphous polymer with density of 1.380 g /cm3, glass transition temperature of 87 ℃, so it has poor thermal stability, is difficult to process and cannot be used directly. It must be added related additives and fillers before using. 

However, the properties and requirements of the PVC materials are different because of the different kinds and components of the additives and fillers. We usually call it PVC modification formula

This category is often classified as polymer modified material. The modification of polymer materials mainly focuses on the high performance of general plastics, the transition of single component materials to multicomponent materials (alloy, blending, composite), the functionalization of materials, and the optimization of properties and prices. 

The main methods of modification are chemical modification, filling modification, strengthening modification, blending modification and nanocomposite modification. The basic principle of modification is to give material functions or to improve some properties by adding additives.


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