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Pet bottle recycle granulation production line

Views:0     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-10-18      Origin:Site

Pet bottle recycle granulation production line


High speed, high shear, high output, good exhaust effect, low energy consumption: high requirements for material size entering the screw, low magazine, low water content, high cost

Application range of pet bottle granulation production line:

The pet bottle after washing is treated to be granulated, and the moisture content is within 5%. Low melt index, can shear sensitive PP, PE material

3-stage exhaust plus Roz vacuum pump, good exhaust effect

The pet bottle tablet recycling granulator main machine is a twin-screw extruder with excellent mixing performance, good self-cleaning type and flexible modular combination. The unit can achieve ideal PET viscosity without complicated pre-crystallization drying system. Control, IV drop is small, adding appropriate additives can achieve viscosity increase


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