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Plastic Product Yellowing Reason and Solution

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Plastic Product Yellowing Reason and Solution

Some product yellowing situaiton

Generally, the yellowing of plastic products is caused by the aging or degradation of materials.

Usually, PP yellowing is caused by aging (degradation). PP is not stable because of the presence of lateral group on polypropylene, especially in the case of illumination. The solution is to add light stabilizers.

As for PE, because there is no lateral group, yellowing situation by general processing or in initial stage is not much.

The product formula is a big reason of the yellowing of PVC. The surface of some masterbatch in the formula is easily oxidized, and it is necessary to be treated specially. In addition ot the undesirable additives, impurities, etc. in the system, the yellowing situation is mainly caused by aging.


Response measures to plastic yellowing situation:

The yellowing of PE and PP can be improved by adding suitable antioxidant system and anti-ultraviolet agent.

However, many of the hindered phenolic antioxidant systems can cause slight yellowing.

Also, some of the antioxidant systems and anti-UV agents are resistant to the each other, so use it carefully.

Add the polymer lubricant, mainly to form a mobile polymer fluorine polymer membrane on the machine wall, improve the polyolefin resin extrusion processing performance, extrusion pressure and processing temperature, improve product quality, capacity, reduce production costs, reduce or eliminate melt fracture, reduce rejection rate.


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