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Rubber & Plastic Kneading Machine

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Rubber & Plastic Kneading Machine

Pressurized kneading machine

Application: used for rubber and plastic mixing, also suitable for mixing and kneading of viscous materials.


The rotor of the machine is elliptical shear type, the working surface of the rotor is surfaced with wear-resistant cemented carbide, and the surface of the mixing chamber is treated by hard chromium plating on the working surface of the top plug. The machine has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, wear resistance and long service life.

The rotor, the mixing chamber and the top plug all adopt the circulation channel structure to realize the circulation of the heat conduction medium. According to the different production process requirements, the material can be heated and cooled by steam or cooling water.

The top plug can apply pressure to the material through the cylinder, force the material to mix evenly, and improve the production efficiency. The rotor is supported by rolling bearing, easy to maintain and long service life.

The transmission adopts planetary reducer, with compact structure, high transmission efficiency, low noise and long service life.

This machine for rear feeding, using mixing room flip discharge, cleaning materials and changing color is convenient.

The electrical control system adopts conventional electrical apparatus and can be controlled by PC programmable controller according to the user's requirements.



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