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Secret of the high polymer in diapers

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Secret of the high polymer in diapers

A thin layer of diapers absorbs the amount of urine the baby urinated several times. And no matter how pressed, urine doesn't leak back through the inner surface of diapers. How in the end is the diaper to suck away the baby's urine?

This is the role of the high polymer water absorbent material in the absorbent layer of the diaper. so what is the high polymer?

The scientific name of water absorption / water lock factor is polymer absorbent resin, which is a new kind of polymer material. It can absorb hundreds of times 

its own weight. It is non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free. 

The water absorption factor will expand after absorbing water, however, the water can not be squeezed out by a simple physical method!

The appearance of polymer absorbent resin has led to the revolution in the use and production of urine pants. It has been widely used in the field of disposable sanitary products and agricultural fields, optical cable industry and waterproof industry. Disposable sanitary products are the main application field of polymer absorbent resin, accounting for 70-80% of the total amount of polymer absorbent resin. Including infant and child care, women's care and "incontinence hygiene" supplies. Its high water absorption and good water lock performance not only bring convenience for millions of mother , but also bring dry and comfortable for babies. It can prevent a variety of bacteria from propagating.

The application of polymer determines the qualitative overflight of diapers. The diapers with water absorption factor, which is thiner, can absorb more than 7 times water than the ordinary thickened fluff diapers.


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