The Effect of Side Feeder on the Improvement of Twin Screw Extruder Efficiency

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The traditional side feeding device is equipped with an exhaust port upstream. With the support of the twin-screw rotating force, the material is transported to the inside of the extruder, and the material continues to advance along the screw, melted by heat, and kneaded under the action of the kneading element. However, when the amount of material increases, the feeding port on one side is filled with material, and the feeding port on the other side leaves some space; during the whole filling process, air is mixed, which seriously affects the amount of filling.

1. Reduce the air entrapped in the filling process

An exhaust port is set upstream of the side feeding port, and the original screw is replaced with a lead screw. Divide the side feeding hopper into two parts, the front part is used for exhaust and the rear part is used for feeding; During the filling process, the lead screw supports the packing to be compacted, smoothly discharges the air inclusions through the front part of the hopper, and finally discharges the air through the upstream exhaust port of the side feeding port.

2. Free space is reserved for the feeding port on one side

By increasing the free space of the feeding port on one side, the actual filling volume requirement can be met. Based on this, a large lead screw element is designed on the basis of the existing screw. An asymmetric screw element is arranged upstream of the feeding port on the screw side of the group, a reverse conveying element is designed on one side of the feeding port on the screw side, and a reverse slotting element is designed on the other side. When the extruder conveys the material, the material enters the main feeding port and enters the extruder, and continues to move forward along the screw, and is heated and melted. When the material reaches the asymmetric element, it is in a molten state, and the distribution state of the material changes significantly under the action of the asymmetric element. The feeding port on one side carries out reverse conveying, and the other side carries out reverse conveying synchronously. During the reverse conveying of materials, one side of the feeding port forms a cavity under the action of the reverse conveying element, which greatly increases the amount of filler added to the side feeding device.

3. Double feeding system

The original single feeding mode is transformed into a dual feeding mode at the same time to form a "dual feeding system". In the actual transformation process, it was found that the gasket under the feeding system was displaced under the action of vibration, In the second transformation, a fixed bracket was added, which effectively solved the vibration displacement problem, optimized the filling process and links, and achieved the goals of mixing, extruding, and shearing the main materials at a certain temperature, and the quality of the products after production and processing is high.

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