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The cooling device of double screw extrusion Hass brand

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The cooling device of double screw extrusion Hass brand

Nanjing Hass extrusion equipment Co., Ltd. for you to introduce the Hass brand independent R & D and production of twin screw extrusion working principle of the machine product cooling preheating device performance is introduced:
Twin screw extrusion machine core technology for double screw extrusion machine cooling preheating device, mainly because of twin screw extruder in the process of high-speed operation, high-speed operation if not rapid cooling for the performance of the whole machine will have great influence, resulting in machine temperature is too high, burned, where to buy double screw extruder for the parameters of the cooling device is extremely important.
Nanjing Hass extrusion equipment factory by the cooling device of the utility model, color of foreign advanced production and processing technology, the effective control of the temperature of the cylinder, to provide a reliable assurance for the normal operation of equipment, Hass brand double screw extrusion machine cooling device introduction:
A twin screw extrusion machine cooling device, including twin screw extrusion machine of the outer wall of the cylinder body jacket, the jacket is provided with a water inlet and a water outlet, and the lower part of the barrel body is provided with a heat sink, a water inlet and a water outlet respectively through the pipeline and heat sink connected, heat sink and cooling tower is connected, in the pipeline also set with a heat sink.
Compared with the existing technology, the advantage of using heat conduction oil circulation cooling, the noise is small, the cooling ability can also meet the requirements of large extruder, and will not cause quench, without disrupting the steady flow of plastic, water-cooled but also easy to generate scale blockage of the pipeline. Recommended reading: twin screw extruder cooling principle
Twin screw extruder, preferred Nanjing Hass brand, first-class quality, professional after-sales service. Twin screw extruder for your enterprise production and power,
Above is the Nanjing Hass brand double screw extrusion machine cooling and preheating device, thank you for your interest in our products, if you want to get a further understanding, perhaps understanding more product information, please pay attention to our Hass extrusion equipment network:

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