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The difference between modified plastics and unmodified plastics

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The difference between modified plastics and unmodified plastics

The so-called "plastic modification" refers to the method of adding one or more other additives to the plastic resin to change its original properties, improve its performance on one hand or in many ways, and thus reach the purpose of expanding its scope of application. Plastic materials that are modified are collectively called "modified plastics".



The methods of modification of plastics can be broadly divided into the following types:

Plastic strengthen, plastic toughening, plastic compounding, plastic alloy compound, plastic filling, and others.


In addition to the above physical modification methods, there are also chemical reaction to modify plastics to obtain specific properties.

Such as maleic anhydride graft polyolefin, polyethylene crosslinking, the use of peroxide in the textile industry to degrade resin to improve the fluidity / fiber properties.


In industry, many modification methods are often used together, such as adding rubber and other toughening agents in the process of plastic reinforcement modification in order not to lose too much impact strength; Or physical mixing and chemical crosslinking exist at the same time in the production of TPV...


In fact, any plastic raw material has at least a certain proportion of stabilizers when it leaves the factory to prevent it from degrading in storage, transportation and processing. Therefore, strictly speaking, "unmodified plastics" do not exist. In industry, basic resins produced by chemical plants are commonly called "unmodified plastics" or "pure resins".


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