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The difference between nylon 6 and nylon 66

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The difference between nylon 6 and nylon 66

The difference between nylon 6 and nylon 66

1. Structural difference:

(1) carbon atoms that the two contains are not the same. in a single molecule, PA66 has nine carbon atoms, PA6 has six carbon atoms.

(2) PA66 - poly (ethylene glycol diamine); PA6 - polyethyl lactam.

(3) nylon 66 is thinner than nylon 6.

(4) fabric formed from nylon 66 formed is softer and more delicate, feel good.

(5) nylon 66 has very good strength, generally be used as military materials.

In terms of hardness: Nylon 66 is 12% harder than nylon 6, although theoretically, the higher the hardness, the greater the brittleness of the fiber, the easier it is to break, but the slight difference in the use of the carpet is indistinguishable of.

Cleaning and anti-fouling: the impact of these two properties is the cross-sectional shape of the fiber and the treatment after anti-fouling.

While the strength and hardness of the fiber itself on the cleaning and anti-fouling effect is very small.

2. the difference between melting point and elasticity:

The melting point of nylon 6 is 220C and the melting point of nylon 66 is 260C. In the use of the carpet temperature range, this is not much difference. The lower melting point makes nylon 6 better resilience, fatigue resistance and thermal stability than nylon 66.

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