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The process guide of tpu granule machine

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The process guide of tpu granule machine

For the application of TPU materials, basically in all fields can see its TPU products, may be a part, may be a decoration, may also be a whole finished product. So, do you know its production process? TPU is a kind of elastomer material. The processing technology of different hardness and viscosity is quite different. Today, this paper will introduce the production process guidance of tpu granule machine.

This article will take you to understand these contents:

  • Processing range of tpu granule machine.

  • The production process of tpu granule machine.

  • What are the characteristics of tpu granulator production process?

Processing range of tpu granule machine.

1. Hot melt adhesive production system

Tpu granulator can handle hot melt adhesive with viscosity from 5000cps (including higher) without adding melt cooler. Hot melt adhesive with lower viscosity can be treated by adding a melt cooler.

Hot melt adhesive range:

(1) Based on EVA class

(2) Polyamides

(3) Polyester

(4) Amorphous olefin copolymer

(5) All kinds of adhesives.

2. Elastomers commonly used in Tpu granulators:

(1) Styrene thermoplastic elastomer (TPS): such as SBS, SIS, SEBS, SEPs, etc

(2) Polyolefin thermoplastic elastomer (TPO, TPE-O, or TEO)

(3) S-TPO with separate mixed infiltration

(4) TPV with dynamic sulfur addition (PP / EPDM)

(5) Ester thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)

(6) Polyamide thermoplastic elastomer (TPA)

The production process of tpu granule machine.

Tpu granule machine process: mixer - twin screw granulator - Underwater granulation system - centrifugal dehydrator - extended air-cooled vibrating screen - finished product bin.

Take the twin-screw continuous process as an example.

1. Raw material treatment: the raw material is melted to the required temperature and degassed. In order to achieve continuous production, two groups of storage tanks are equipped for degassing and feeding respectively.

2. TPU pouring machine: continuous and accurate measurement and initial mixing of each component.

3. Twin-screw reactive extruder: further mixing, chemical reaction, and conveying of materials.

(two shafts rotate in the same direction, fully mesh, with self-cleaning function)

What are the characteristics of tpu granulator production process?

1.Reaction at high temperature and high pressure (140 ~ 250 ℃, pressure 4 ~ 7MPa) can ensure that the side reaction is minimized, and high pressure can inhibit the decomposition reaction with gas.

2.The mass fraction of low molecular weight oligomer (~ 1500g / mol) was reduced to the lowest (~ 0.36%)

3.A relatively high shear velocity gradient (> 2000S-1) between the two screws of relative motion can make the material well mixed and homogeneous so that the reaction is uniform and no local gel will occur. The kneading times can reach 7 ~ 15 times / s.

4.It is required that the temperature control of each section of the barrel must be uniform and accurate, and it should be equipped with rapid heating and cooling functions, and it should have good heat transfer efficiency.

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