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We intros 3 new wheeled excavator models, discusses North American highway applications

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In North America, wheeled excavators are more of a niche machine, appealing primarily to municipalities in the Northeast, the Southeast Gulf Coast and Texas, and prized for their maneuverability and easy roading. 
They don’t require trailers, and they have a 24 miles per hour maximum speed, allowing you to quickly drive between jobsites within a county.
One common application is moving Jersey concrete barriers to respond to ever-changing traffic patterns. Another is cleaning out roadside drainage ditches. Noting this, it has expanded its Tier 4 Final excavator lineup with three new wheeled models, the M140W-5, M190DW-5 and the M210W-5. 
The models can be ordered a variety of ways, including without the boom/stick, for those wanting to put on their own specialty fronts. They can also come with outriggers on front and back, or with two stabilizers in the rear and a dozer blade up front. The blade can also be attached to the rear using a bolt-on system.
Another popular option is a two-piece boom, with each piece operating on a hinge and independent of each other. 
The two-piece boom allows you to work in more radiuses than the one-piece boom, especially working up close to the front of the outriggers. You can operate closer and down deeper than with a one-piece boom, and it allows you to get under lower-hanging items. 

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