What Are The Advantages of Using TPE/TPR As Toy Material?

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At present, most enterprises usually use PVC soft adhesive to make toys. However, most PVC soft adhesives contain toxic plasticizers such as phthalates. As a polymer material additive, it can make the physical properties of plastic raw materials soft and easy to process when added. However, if it exceeds the standard, it may harm children's liver and kidneys, and can also cause precocious puberty in children. There are significant safety hazards......

TPE/TPR materials have recyclable properties, do not contain any potential toxic ingredients, have adjustable hardness, and support oil spraying, screen printing, and printing processing, making them a good choice to replace PVC materials!


Let's take a closer look at the advantages of TPR/TPR as a toy material~

1. Excellent color matching and oil spray screen printing performance

Most toy products have bright colors, and there is a high requirement for the coloring properties of TPR materials. A good TPR has good powder dispersion and coloring performance, which can achieve realistic colors. In the process of spray painting and screen printing, TPR also has excellent adhesion, ensuring that the paint does not fall off when sprayed. Of course, the matching of TPR adhesive and ink paint is also important, and appropriate paint ink should be selected based on the characteristics of TPR.

2. Excellent elastic performance

TPE/TPR materials have excellent flexibility, high resilience, smooth and bright surfaces, and are not prone to cracking. Increasing the proportion of filling oil can further reduce the hardness of the material, achieving a soft feel, and there is no need to worry about oil leakage causing surface stickiness

3. Good forming and processing performance

TPE/TPR materials have moderate flowability, convenient molding and processing, injection molding temperature of 170~190 ℃, and are not prone to shrinkage and burrs and other molding appearance issues.

In addition, this type of material also has tear and wear resistance, chemical resistance, and bending fatigue resistance, making it more durable.

Building blocks, doll houses, cars... For families with young children, toys are essential. Among the diverse range of children's toys, plastic toys are a common category and are highly favored by parents and children.

So making a high-quality, environmentally friendly and durable toy is bound to have a good development in the future!


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