What are the common faults of extruder?

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The production standard of the extruder is high. Before the appearance of the extruder, the manufacturer needs to test the components and evaluate the overall performance of the machine before it is qualified to leave the factory. Therefore, this kind of equipment can often be used normally in the later period and give full play to the efficiency of the machine. But if the operation is improper or the working environment is not up to standard, there may still be failures, so what are the common problems of the good extruder?

1. Screw wear

The normal wear of extruder screw and barrel mainly occurs in the feeding area and the measuring area. The main wear is caused by dry friction between the slice particles and the metal surface, and the wear decreases when the slice is softened by heating. The local damage of screw thread can be repaired by surfacing special anti-wear and anti-corrosion alloy, generally by inert gas welding and plasma argon arc welding, and can also be repaired by metal spraying. Firstly, the worn outer circle surface of the screw is ground, and then the alloy layer is surfacing to sufficient size to ensure that the extruder has sufficient processing allowance. The outer circle of the screw and the side of the thread are ground to the original size of the screw.

2. Abnormal noise

If it happens in the reducer, it may be caused by bearing damage or poor lubrication, or it may be caused by gear wear, improper installation and adjustment or poor meshing. It can be solved by changing bearings to improve lubrication and changing gears or adjusting gear meshing condition. If the noise of the extruder is sharp scraping noise, the position of the barrel should be considered. The possibility of scraping the shaft head and the transmission shaft sleeve can be solved by adjusting the barrel. If the heat - resistant and wear-resistant extruder barrel makes noise, it may be the screw bending sweep chamber or the setting temperature is too low to cause excessive friction of solid particles. It can be handled by straightening the screw or raising the set temperature.

3. Abnormal vibration

If this situation occurs at the extruder reducer is caused by the wear of bearings and gears, bearings or gears can be replaced to solve; If it happens in the barrel, it is because the material is mixed with hard foreign bodies. It is necessary to check the cleaning condition of the extruder material. If necessary, a strong magnetic device is installed in the hopper to adsorb iron debris.

The failure criterion of overall extruder is relatively fine, if more than for its maintenance and daily maintenance which can identify the fault, according to relevant personage and found a lot of extruder fault occurs because of daily maintenance is not in place or not to carry out the maintenance work, so in their daily use of must use it as a top priority of maintenance.



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