What are the components of the underwater pelletizing unit and its advantages?

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The underwater pelletizing system is generally used for the processing of TPR/TPE/EVA and other materials. The final product particles are round and regular. It is very convenient and practical to perform granulation at the same time as extrusion, and also to perform cooling work. So, what are the parts of the underwater pelletizer, and what are the advantages?

The components of the underwater pelletizer:

1. Pelletizer.

Pelletizer is the core part of underwater cutting, including main components such as motor, transmission box, pelletizing device, etc. There are two kinds of devices for pelletizing: manual and pneumatic. The motor is Siemens motor, spring damping device, and the mobile platform can move back and forth on the track, which is convenient for operation and maintenance.

2. Die head.

Special wear-resistant alloy materials, advanced manufacturing technology, electromagnetic induction heating and anti-wear technology can better ensure the economy of customers in excellent processing.

3. Screen.

The process is realized through PLC, and the touch screen displays the operation interface, which is simple and convenient to operate. The application of program control technology reduces the process intensity in the production process.

4. Electrical part.

Electromagnetic induction heating ring, through electromagnetic induction balanced heating, changes the traditional heating method of heating rod, so that the cut particles are more smooth and beautiful.

5. Cyclone knife.

Special knife design, knife adjustment is convenient and quick.

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Advantages of underwater pelletizing unit:

1. Handling the waste of the material;

2. Solve the tailing problem;

3. Improve wire material control;

4. Wire drift;

5. Avoid shrinkage gaps;

6. Process adjustment to prevent continuous grains.

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