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What are the processing methods of black masterbatch

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In terms of dyeing plastic products, black masterbatch only needs 0.6% -0.8%, it will be extremely black, and it will not be even blacker if it is added more. According to test data, products used outdoors in Xinjiang need black masterbatch to prevent aging, as long as high-quality black masterbatch is used (instead of the back material as carrier, white oil wetting, calcium carbonate dispersion, etc.) The content of carbon black in the product reaches 2-2.5%, that is, 5-6 parts (weight) of the masterbatch containing 40% of carbon black per 100 kg of raw materials, which far exceeds the role of any anti-aging product. , Product life can reach more than 10 years. This is why drip irrigation products, water conveyance products, and communication cable products are all black. In addition, carbon black has a special contribution to increase product strength and enhance conductivity. There are three types in the information section of Defu Plastics website: single screw method, twin screw method and intimate method. Single-screw method. After mixing the materials with a mixer, the single-screw extruder is used to pull the pellets. The general carbon black concentration is 18-20%, the process is backward, and the environmental conditions at the production site are poor. It is a eliminated process and cannot be excluded Some small start-up factories still use this method for processing. The twin-screw method uses a mixer to mix the materials and then uses a twin-screw extruder to draw bars or water ring granulation. Due to the limited mixing ability of the twin-screw machine itself, the concentration of the master carbon is generally 25-32%. In the internal mixing method, the materials are mixed by a mixer, kneaded into the internal mixer, and fed into a twin-screw extruder by a feeder, and pelletized by a water ring or underwater. The concentration of the carbon black in the master batch is generally 40- 45%.


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