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What is the function of the lab extruder?

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What is the function of the lab extruder?

Laboratory extruders are small production extruders with many important uses. The following is a brief introduction of the function of the lab extruder.

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  • The main function of the lab extruder

  • Performance of laboratory extruder

  • Small batch production

  • Product development

  • Material research and testing

  • Quality control

  • Education and Training

The main function of the lab extruder

The laboratory extruder is suitable for producing all kinds of polyolefin, such as PVC, PP, PE, PS, ABS and other materials. The laboratory extruders are equipped with different types of heads, molds, and auxiliary machines, which can be used for plastic profiles, pipes, sheets, granulation production, as well as co-extrusion of pipe marking lines. Laboratory extruder specially designed experiment box of decelerate of hard tooth flank, the structure of screw barrel, adapted to different materials, extrusion, high machining accuracy, good plasticizing, suitable for different user requirements, electrical control device is configured, good reliability, and small volume, with a universal wheel can move along with the production, height adjustable, convenient operation, It is an ideal choice for colleges and universities, laboratories, co-extrusion plastic pipes and profiles.

Performance of laboratory extruder

  • The laboratory extruder can design the screw structure according to the material type, the screw and the material barrel processing precision is high, the extrusion pressure is stable.

  • Brand servo motor drive, screw speed control accurate, stable and reliable.

  • Melt pressure and screw speed closed loop control, control extrusion pressure fluctuation.

  • Brand control system, touch screen operation, speed, temperature, pressure to achieve full monitoring

  • The laboratory extruder can be equipped with a melt pump to achieve precise and quantitative extrusion.

  • The laboratory extruder can be equipped with a single small casting machine, small calender, small film pouring compound machine, small film blowing frame, small rolling and drawing machine, small longitudinal drawing machine, etc., and select the corresponding mold to complete various processing tests.

  • Optional manual screen changer is convenient to change the screen and improve the quality of products.

Small batch production

Laboratory extruders are ideal for providing low volume or trial run delivery and response times. They can be customized for all applications.

Product development

It is very important for a manufacturing company to develop new products. And test the new extrusion process. Laboratory extruders can be used to shorten time to market.

Material research and testing

New materials and different formulations need to be tested to find out how they behave when pressed. Sample quantities can be easily produced for testing and evaluation.

Quality control

Continuous research and development ensures continuous improvement and optimization of the final product. This is easiest to achieve on a laboratory scale.

Education and Training

Multi-function small batch desktop extruder with quick conversion capability to maximize training time. The laboratory extruder provides the ideal equipment for practical experience.

The laboratory small single screw extruder can complete the melting and plasticizing extrusion of polymer materials. Extrusion molding process research and parameter optimization. The laboratory extruder is equipped with the corresponding die head to complete the film casting, sheet, tube and other forming.


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