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Why PVC floor is so popular among numerous of plastic product?

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Why PVC floor is so popular among numerous of plastic product?

Why PVC floor is so popular among numerous of plastic product?


Density 1380 kg / m3

Young's modulus of elasticity (E) 2900-3400 MPa

Tensile strength (σt) 50-80 MPa

Elongation @ break 20-40%

Notch Test 2-5 kJ/m2

Glass transition Temperature 87 ℃

Melting 212 ℃

Vicat B1 85 ℃

Thermal conductivity (λ)0.16 W/m.K

Thermal expansion coefficient (α) 8 10-5 K

Heat capacity (c) 0.9 kj/(kg· K)

Water absorption (ASTM) 0.04-0.4

Price 0.5-1.25


Advantages of PVC Plastic Floor


Lightweight: Generally, weight of PVC plastic floor is 2-3 kg/square meters, 10% less than ordinary ground. Considering building load-bearing and space saving, PVC floor has unparalleled advantage in high-rise buildings .


Environmentally friendly: Main raw material of PVC floor is polyvinyl chloride, which is environmentally friendly non-toxic renewable resources. Compared to formaldehyde and other harmful substances of the wood floor, its environmental performance has an absolute advantage.


High-elasticity, impact-resistant: PVC plastic floor is soft, and under the impact of heavy load has a good resilient recovery, so It can greatly reduce the injury of slide.


Non-slip: PVC plastic floor will be astringent with water; on the other hand, general PVC plastic floor has done non-slip treatment (wear-resistant layer pattern)


Waterproof: the main ingredient of PVC Plastic floor is polyvinyl chloride, so naturally not afraid of water. It won’t be damaged as long as not soaked for long time.


Sound absorption: Sound absorption of PVC plastic floor can be up to 20 decibels. Place in need of quiet environment such as hospital, libraries, Report Hall and other places prefer to choose PVC plastic floor.


Many Colors: PVC Plastic floor can be processed into a large number of colors and patterns, so the user's pattern can be a wider range of choice.


Construction and installation is simple: with a piece of good knife, the PVC floor can be arbitrary cutted, simple sptitched, can also be seamless welded.


Super cost-effective: The price is much cheaper than the professional wood floor, but the performance is more excellent.



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