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pc abs pelletizing

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PC must be pre-dried before molding, the moisture content should be less than 0.02%, the processing of trace moisture at high temperature will produce white turbid color, silver wire and air bubbles, PC has considerable forced high elastic deformation ability at room temperature. The impact toughness is high, so cold forming, cold drawing, cold rolling and other cold forming processes can be performed. The molecular weight of PC for extrusion should be more than 30,000. The gradient compression type screw should be used, and the compression ratio should be 1:2.5. The high-quality, high-transparent bottle can be formed by extrusion blow molding, injection-blowing, injection-pull-blowing. The temperature is generally 230-280 ° C, the granulation is a twin-screw extruder. As for PC + ABS, the molding temperature of ABS plastic is 180-250 ° C, but it is better not to exceed 240 ° C. break down.

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