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Automobile Plastics------PC/PBT Material for Rear Impact Beam

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Automobile Plastics------PC/PBT Material for Rear Impact Beam

As the energy consumption and emission control of the products in the automobile industry are becoming more and more strict with the world countries, the light weight of the automobile has become a major research topic in the global automobile industry.

The rear anti-collision beam is an important safety component in the automobil. and the anti-collision beam in domestic and foreign generally use high strength steel sheet (strength is mostly in 400~1000MPa) or roll forming.

With the development of material technology and the optimization of structure design, in recent years, GMT moulding and PC/PBT alloy injection molding as the representative of the plastic rear collision beam lightweight solutions.

The plastic rear crash-proof beam not only brings significant benefit and cost reduction potential, but also gives the parts a higher degree of design freedom and integration.


With the development of automotive lightweight technology, PC/PBT materials for automotive plastics rear impact beams have the advantages of high modulus, high resistance strength, excellent extensibility and impact performance.

Under the premise of improving the impact performance, the developed integrated structure PC/PBT plastic has achieved the weight loss effect of about 1.7kg, which has more potential in light weight gain than that of GMT rear collision beam. The cost is close to that of GMT and alloy rear collision beams. In the future, with the price of raw materials down, because of the higher lightening benefit and the lower cost potential, the PC/PBT plastic anti-collision beam will form a strong competition with the GMT plastic crash-resistant beam.


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