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Filler masterbatch product features

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Filler masterbatch with heavy calcium carbonate , suitable for the production of various products ,such as polyethylene and polypropylene. it have some feature as following :

1. It has good dispersibility, excellent compatibility with polyethylene and polypropylene, and does not fall off even when used in a high proportion of filling; it can still obtain good appearance and smoothness.

2, low calorific value, no oil drop when burning, no black smoke, no secondary pollution, and does not damage the incinerator;

3. Improve the quality of foamed products;

4, printability, good whitewashing;

5, to give film products breathability.

6, white opacity can reduce the amount of white pigment used;

7. The working environment is improved and easy to measure automatically;

8. Save raw material storage space;

9. Reduce costs.

10, high whiteness: This product is pure white pellets, which can be flexibly formulated to produce products of various colors. 11. Contains antioxidants and anti-aging agents to extend the life of the product


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