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PE + Caco3 Masterbatch Manufacturing Process Extruder

masterbatch manufacturing process , master batch production line, masterbatch machine for plastic compounding and high filler pelletizing
  • TSE-75B
  • HS

In the process of compounding , in order to reduce costs, many film, sheet, profile and pipe manufacturers are adding more and more mineral fillers to their material formulations. For compounding processors, increasing filler content is a new challenge. If the screw and the machine are damaged and corroded by the filling products, it will directly affect the normal operation of the equipment, production efficiency and product quality. For such problems, if you only try to increase the grade of the filler in the single-screw extruder, it is not better to disperse the filler. The twin-screw extruder provided by Nanjing HiSi can make the percentage of calcium carbonate Up to 85%, therefore, a large proportion of fillers are added to the product, which can save a big amount of resin per year and fully recover the cost of the extruder equipment.

twin screw extruder is ideal for masterbatch manufacturing process.

we can also supply two stage extruder for high filler master batch production . it is an excellent solution to provide better performance masterbatch ,

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twin screw extruder

This TSE-75B twin screw extruder is Haisi's 2018 lateset design. From the gearbox, screw elements to the assembling of the extruder is all done by ourselves.

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Twin screw extruder is widely used for plastic modification, plastic compounding, masterbatch making, as well as hard plastic recycling, such as PET bottles, TPU wastes, ABS shield, etc.


Here is a site photo of machine test running for PET bottle recycling. The pelletizing method is water strand pelletizing.

Name: Twin screw extruder with water strand pelletizing 
Diameter:71mm L/D:32-64
Motor Power: 200-250kw Screw rotary: 600-800r/min
Torque: 7.6N.m Color:customized
Package:Wooden case or wooden pallet Voltage:220V,380V,415V
Color masterbatch:PP PE+pigment


This four pelletizing methods are the most popular way in plastic granulation.

Also, we supply two stage extruder, single screw extruder, plastic mixer, plastic crusher and other auxiliary machines in plastic extrusion line.

Other Model Machine:

Model Diameter
L/D Rotary
T/N3 Capacity
TSE-20 22  32-44  600  5.5 43  7.5  0.5-10 
TSE-30  31  32-48  600  15  119  6.7  5-40 
TSE-40  41  32-52  600  30  239  5.8  90-150 
TSE-50  50.5  32-52  500  55  430  5.4  135-270 
TSE-65  62.4  32-64  600  90  716  5.1  200-300 
TSE-75  71  32-64 600  132  1050 4.8 350-550 
TSH-75 71  32-64 600  200-250  1365 7.6 600-9000 
TSE-95 93  32-64  600  315  2506   5.3 800-1200 


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