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How to Adjust the Colors of Plastic?

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How to Adjust the Colors of Plastic?

Color matching is based on the comprehensive consideration of plastic properties, molding process, color powder characteristics, color blending principles, product requirements, etc., and then to meet the required color requirements.

In color matching, mastering the shade, hue, difference is the most basic technology.

The principle of color matching is to adjust the shade before the hue, because when the shade changes, the color must change.


01 Adjust the color shade

According to the target sample, observing and analysing the transparency and the color shade, the proportion of black and white in the components, the color concentration or the proportion of fluorescent color powder were determined. The coloring power of the color powder can be confirmed on the same plastic substrate by various kinds of color powder. At the same time, it is necessary to master the change of hue and concentration of each color pigment by adding a certain proportion of titanium dioxide.


While adjusting dark color, it is necessary to make a clear distinction between the deep concentration and dark concentration by the color light. If deep concentration, it can only add color powder; if dark concentration, it can add black; and of course, a small amount of black can be added to deepen the hue.

While adjusting dark color, the amount of titanium dioxide should be determined according to solid color degree. If the color is not solid enough, the amount of titanium dioxide should be added, and other colors should be added proportionally, and then according to the depth of the hue and the coloring power of various color colorants, estimate the proportion of color colorants.


02 Adjust the color hue

In theory, red, yellow and blue can be used to match most of the colors, but in practice, the colors of all kinds of colorants are not pure colors, but are in the middle of pure colors, with the color of adjacent colors, for example, red color has yellow red and blue red, blue color has red light blue and green light blue, yellow color has green light yellow and red light yellow.


In the process of color adjustment, we should pay attention to the complementarity of color light, for example, when adjusting bright green, we can use phthalocyanine green directly, for example, the darker green color should be mixed with green light blue and green light yellow, but not the complementary red light blue and green light yellow.



03 Adjust color difference

After estimating the shade and hue, the basic formula can be determined. After the contrast with standard sample color, and then correct the color. Color difference is related to shade, lightness, brightness and hue bias.


First of all, we should determine where the color difference is from, adjust the darkness and lightness by black and white powder; adjust the brightness by changing the amount of color powder or add fluorescent color powder, whitening agent; adjust hue bias by increasing or decreasing the amount of the color powder or make use of complementary color relationship.


Attention: cautiously use complementary colors, which will make the color dark.


04 Determine the color formula

First, determine the content of titanium dioxide, which is the key technology. Because, with the titanium dioxide content changing, the color will change very much, the other color powder dosage will change accordingly;


Analysis the color range of the color sample. What kinds of colors does it consist of? Which is the main color? Which is the secondary color? What is the share?


(Try to choose the pigment similar to the sample color. For example, while adjusting red color system, chose red color if the sample is yellow; chose bright red of fluorescent red as dominant color if the sample is bright);


Finally, observe the brightness of the sample, and consider weather to add fluorescent powder or whitening agent or not.




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