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How to Select Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon 6

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How to Select Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon 6

Glass fiber reinforced nylon 6 is one of the most common materials. In the performance and price have been unanimously recognized.

The number of people who choose 30% glass fiber content in many glass fiber reinforced nylon 6 materials is more than others, because the nylon 6 reinforced glass fiber material with this content is more cost-effective.

But with the same glass fiber ratio, the same brand new material, the quality gap could be several grades.


01 Observe the selected pure nylon 6 slice

1. relative viscosity

Theoretically, the higher the viscosity of nylon 6 slice is, the higher the strength of the reinforced material is, but the worse the fluidity is, the more likely the overpressure injection phenomenon may occur. For different purposes, the relative viscosity of the pure material slice is also different.

2. molecular weight distribution

For nylon 6 spinning, the narrower the molecular weight distribution, the better the spinnability and the higher the fiber strength. However, the molecular weight distribution is better when the molecular weight distribution is appropriate, but the strength and appearance are affected by the wide distribution.

3. whiteness

The more white the slice of pure material, the better the quality and appearance of the reinforced nylon 6, and the higher the performance.

4. terminal amino content

The higher the terminal amino content, the better the coloring performance of injection molded products.

5. quality stability

The bigger the factory is, the more strict the management is, the more consistent the batch number is, the better the quality of slice will be.


02 Observe the quality and properties of glass fiber

In the same specification, the glass fiber produced by high quality factory has been treated with strict surface coupling agent, and the strength of the reinforced nylon 6 slice is 10%-20% higher than that of the untreated glass fiber.


03 Observe the additive formula

A good formula will increase the cost-performance ratio by several grades. Glass fiber reinforced nylon is generally modified with about 0.5% antioxidant, plasticizer, lubricant and other modifiers. A good formula is helpful to reduce the wear of the injection machine and improve the performance and stability of the product.


04 Observe the surface

The color of good quality glass fiber reinforced nylon 6 is white with a weak green, the more transparent the better quality, it is like pure water without impurities. If the color is beige, porcelain white and others, indicating adulteration, injection molding production is difficult to get their desired results.


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